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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Its been a while


Hi. Its been a while i'm not writing here. Woke up this morning, suddenly tiba² teringat my blog. Years ago, i use this blog to be my so called daily life diary. To express my feelings, emotions and anything. How i miss those time yg i can write anything.

So many things happen in my life but only one thing had change my life. So many years i survive till one thing comes ànd switch and trigger the bad side of me. Its hurt, very hurt. But i know, it is my mistakes too.

I am glad that i have my husband who always be at my side. We fight, we yelled each other. He cried and i cried. I know the weaknesses of him is me and his strength also me. And i cant believe i become the one who be a thorn. Husband, i hope you will read this (on which x tahu la dia baca ke x cause he maybe forgot that his wife ada blog selama ni).

"Kau terima aku seadanya. Kau layan aku seperti ratu. Aku balas dgn dusta, aku balas dgn tidak setia. Kau masih sabar melayan karenah aku atas paksi setia. Duri yg menusuk hatimu, aku tak pasti dalamnya sampai mana. Pisau yg menghiris dirimu, aku tak pasti lukanya di mana. Aku istermu yg khilaf, terleka dgn kemasyuran dunia. Terlupa adanya syurga dan neraka. Maafkan aku. Aku syg kamu pemegang kunci hatiku. Genggamlah sekuatmu. Jgn buay duplicate.  "


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