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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Salam & A very good morning all,

Yah, I know its too late for me to shared GMI event that has passed 4 days ago. I'm very busy handling my career fair event and in same time have to make sure our students can further their studies overseas in a same time. What a busy week (as always).

Ok, I would like to shared our "Vintage" style during that night. The food was awesome and the lucky prize was very cool. But unfortunatley I'm not lucky as all the winners. Sob Sob! 

Me and akak Ziana la Diva

But I can say I'm the luckiest cause boleh snap2 bergambar dgn akak Ziana kita.. aaarrgghh :P Menjerit kesukaan aku nok. Hahahah. Jom kita layan gambar-gambar yg ditangkap sepanjang dinner. As usual, my make up by my Cousin - Anggun Jelita. My outfit the polka dot dress only cost me RM10 beli kat pasar malam. Most important is I can make it not to look cheaper as the price asalkan pandai mix & match. My legging sllu pakai utk tidur. Hahahah. My gold shoes, is my wedding shoes. See siapa kata barang-barang lepas kahwin tak boleh diguna lagi? So Bride to be sekalian, semasa beli barang-barang hantaran atau barang perkahwinan lainnya pastiikan barang tersebut boleh diguna semula kelak. Kalu tak rugi dik nooonn.

The high heels :)

Best dress Female

Xde keje -.-

Dinner end at 12 midnight. All pictures are copyright by me. Please or backlink before you use all my pictures for any reasons. Thank you.