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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Wajah-Wajah Yang Dirindu

They spark my life with smile, laugh, tears and hug. They make me feel comfortable even sometimes they make me angry and stress.

They far, physically only. But they near deep in my heart. Deep very deep. They all growth fast and i missed every minute of they grew up stage. But yet when I'm back, I won't missed every minutes and second, to be with the. This show how much I REALLY MISS THEM!!

Kak Dot & Wewin @Mi Kolok House

Piya Uwahey when she 5th months

Wewein & Kak Dot when sending me to airport

She's obviously like me suka camewhoring :)

Mawe yg sangat nakal

Her name is Kejora..LOL..Until now, i cant remember her full name because of that name

Mohd Saffiy Ibrahim aka Mawe :)


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SURIE WAN said...

Apa amaniku xda lam senarai???!

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