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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Last weekend I go to Kuala Pilah, visiting my bestfriend Dillah. I write this article during in the train and anytime when I have free time.So enjoy reading peeps!

My journey begin at 5pm. Waiting for the train almost take 20 mins. Yes, this is Malaysian time. Kat board ckp kol 5.00 dtg nya 20 min kemudian. Urgh. Me, accompany by my friend Mizah, she going back to her hometown  while I'm going to Dillah's place (her workplace actually).

Yah, to be frank i'm so excited. Almost a year I never take a ride with train (KTM) and since i own a car too. Now on the way to Seremban & the journey will take 35 mins.

Now 6.30 pm, on my way to Kuala Plah. From Seremban to Kuala Pilah will take around 40 mins (I guess). Enjoying the green environmental here remind me to my hometown, Sarawak. Tsk! Tsk!

7.20pm. Yeah! I arrived at Dillah's house. Rehat + recharge = Lapar. Then me + Dillah go to pasar malam. Walla!! Banyak menu membuat diriku rambang mata. Rasa mau rembat semua.

The people

Mr Nice Guy selling Otak-otak

Yummy Otak-otak and Sata

Roasted corn

Durian ni sangat murah. 1 kilo = RM2. Wa rembat sebiji! Sedap!

From Left : Mocha cheese Cake, Chocolate Cake & Blueberry cheese Cake

At the end, Mode kenyang samapai tak terhabis makan nasi ayam masak rempah. Pon sedap.

To be continued... Day 1 end.

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